Paintings & Drawings, Vol. 1

Paintings & Drawings Vol 1

Michel Montecrossa on art:
“Art in all forms opens for us the gates to the worlds of consciousness. This is the essential purpose of art. Form, style or technique don‘t matter. Important is only: the gates are opened. My work in the fields of music, film production, fine arts, architecture, literature, poetry and philosophy opens some of these gates.”

Michel Montecrossa, artist and voice of peace, expressive power, love and happiness. Michel Montecrossa is an exceptional holistic 21st century artist. He unifies in himself the songwriter, the composer, the painter, the ­writer, the film producer, the futuristic architect and the Cyberartist for the ­expression of a global, future oriented consciousness.

The art book ‘Paintings & Drawings‘ is the first volume of a ­series ­presenting the artwork of Michel Montecrossa. His paintings and ­drawings are the documentation of a free man and his soul ­journey.

­Michel Montecrossa‘s art is a stream-of-consciousness-creation ­expressing through the secret energy of photons the mystery, the love, the joy and light of an ever expanding life of awareness, ­communication and beauty.

The book shows 135 paintings and ­drawings from 1969 till 2012 on 140 pages.

(140 pages, Hardcover)