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Top Topical Part Seven – Michel Montecrossa’s 10 New-Topical-Songs & Movies

‘The Maria Magdalena Symphony’ performed at the Friedenskirche St. Vitus in Auerstedt Germany on 2nd May, 2015

Kisses from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 in Mirapuri, Italy

Avantgarde – Mirapuri Filmfest 2014 Art-Movie Collection

Top Topical Part One & Part Two – Michel Montecrossa’s 38 New-Topical-Songs & Movies

10 Special Attention New-Topical Songs & Movies by Michel Montecrossa apropos U.S.A. presidential election 2012 and presidential term 2012 – 2016

Straight from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2012 in Mirapuri, Italy

Occupy Wall Street – 17 New-Topical-Songs & Movies

Evolver Cool – 29 New-Topical-Songs & Movies

Under Palm Trees

The Christmas Symphony – Die Weihnachts Symphony

The Symphony of Light

Michel Montecrossa’s Speech ‘Happy Future and Climate Change & Song: Love And Listen’

Michel Montecrossa’s Speech: ‘The Future is Young – Listen to the Young’


Vision & Action – 27 New-Topical-Song Movies