Top Topical Part Seven – Michel Montecrossa’s 10 New-Topical-Songs & Movies

Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘Top Topical’ Song & Movie Series’:
“The ‘Top Topical’ Song and Movie Series continues my heart’s vision call for action through powerful bilingual English-German New-Topical-Songs ranging from ‘When I Lost It All You Lost It Too – Als Ich Alles Verlor Hast Auch Du Es Verloren’ to ‘I Want To Live – Ich will leben #2’.
My New-Topical-Songs are stimulating, awareness songs that can make you think and can assist you in consciousness expansion. They transport the values of the True, the Right and the Vast on the way to the United States of Planet Earth, taking a stand for high ethics and bringing it to the streets. They stand for the Living Celebration of Humanity and the life of happy generations embraced by the warmth of love on a United Earth. They stand for safe homes where mothers and fathers together with their children of hope can live and look towards a prosperous future of Peace, Progress and Fulfillment.”

The 10 songs are released on Audio-CD, DVD or as Download by Mira Sound Germany and Filmaur Multimedia and include masterpieces like ‘The Ballad of Faust’ and ‘Song for the Festival of Love’ and many more.

The Songs:

  1. When I Lost It All You Lost It Too – Als Ich Alles Verlor Hast Auch Du Es Verloren
  2. Putin & Trump Can Do It
  3. Talking U.S.A. Kids Don’t Want To Be Killed
  4. Talking Angela And Germany – Über Angela Und Deutschland Reden
  5. Ist Schulz Weise – Is Schulz The Wise One?
  6. Die Faust Ballade
  7. Song for the Festival of Love
  8. The Ballad of Faust
  9. I Want To Live – Ich will leben #2
  10. Love & Love & Love & Love Climate Change Concert Tour 2018